13-15 December in Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to 600 sqm of training space (there ARE more than 100 participants registered) and 200 sqm tatami


About Nordic Buyukai 2019

This event focus on the importance of interaction and networking between Bujinkan teachers and practioners in order to maintain and preserve Soke Masaaki Hatsumis art - Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. It is not a "one man show", it is by Bujinkan people for Bujinkan people, with no aim to promote someone in particular. What is promoted is to meet, gain insights and enjoy!

This first time it will be held in Stockholm, Sweden at Clarion Hotel Sign 13-15 of December 2019.

Training on Friday will be at Brunkebergs torg 5 (about 12 min walk from the hotel), the rest of the event will take place at Clarion Hotel Sign at Östra Järvägsgatan 33-35.

On Saturday evening there will be an awesome party that you don't want to miss!

There will be teachers from Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

There will also be a Ninja-challange (5-stations) where you can practice and show your skills with Bo, Rope and Shuriken to give a few examples. The winner will be announced during the evening party. So you have one year to polish your ability...

With this Buyukai we aim to get together as many people as we can. And if successful, create an annual event somewhere in the Nordic. This is your opportunety to create something new, so we need your help to make this happen!

Teachers confirmed so far:

Sveneric Bogsäter (Sweden/Holland)

Elias Krzywacki (Norway)

Michael Schjerling (Denmark)

Lauri Jokinen (Finland)

Rikard Sundelius (Sweden)


Secret teacher X (Norway)

Secret teacher X (Denmark)

Secret teacher X (Finland)

Secret teacher X (Sweden)


Jim Berglund, Shuriken station (Sweden, Stockholm)

Arvid Karlsson, Shuriken station (Sweden, Uppsala)

Petter Swedin, Rope station (Sweden, Sundsvall)

Peter Jonsson, Bo station (Sweden, Gothenburg)


The instructors do this on non-profit basis, we do this for you - the Bujinkan community, however on this seminar we will be "Bad to the bone".

Join us, bond with fellow Bujinkan practioners and let's do this together!