13-15 December in Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to 600 sqm of training space (there ARE more than 145 participants registered) and 200 sqm tatami


Event information

The event consists of three days of training with some known teachers and some secret teachers (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday daytime) and party on Saturday evening 14th of December. The party includes a 3 course dinner served at the table (so you better dress up), music and some other surprises. In addition we will have a private bar, exclusive for us, where you purchase your preferred drinks at your own cost (drinks are not included).

There are many available lunch options just outside the Hotel, this is why we choose not to include it in the event to lower the price for you.

The price is 2 000 SEK.

The previous discounted prices are not valid any more.

 Please note that the event t-shirt will now only be sold upon availability and while at stock - on site price is 200 SEK / 20 EUR (previously preordered price was 100 SEK).

If you for some reason can’t participate in the evening festive on Saturday 14th you can choose to pay for training only. In such case the price is 1700 SEK for training only.

Please add 500 SEK to your payment if you would like to bring your girlfirend/boyfriend/wife/husband/parent to the dinner party which is the actual self cost for dinner.

Payment conditions

You can only apply to the seminar by paying for the event. It is not possible to “pay at the door” if you want to participate in the dinner/party. All payment for the event should be in SEK. Pleas also keep in mind that the hotel is cash free. Only exception is if you buy the event t-shirt on site (EUR also accepted). If we due to unforeseen reasons need to cancel the event you will get full repayment of the total event fee. Any costs related to this are on us. We do not take responsibility for your travel expense or accommodation.

If you cannot participate due to illness we will refund you the event fee -10% to cover our expenses, if you can provide a doctors certificate with your claim. Claims regarding repayment can be made until 2019-12-31.

Pre-ordered event t-shirts will be delivered onsite as you register at the seminar first day.

You apply to the event in two (2) steps:

  1. Filling in the form on this site for your individual options (let us know if you want to bring your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband to the dinner).
  2. Make the corresponding payment (in SEK) to: SE39 9500 0099 6018 0570 2519 (IBAN included). Payment receiver is Bujinkan Bushin Dojo.
  3. From Sweden you pay on PG 57 02 51 - 9.

If you in addition need BIC (SWIFT-address) it is: NDEASESS.

Accommodation is booked and payed directly thru the hotel, se the accomodation side on this site.

Good to know!

The aim with the party is to get us all together and enjoy the evening seeing faces we might not see every day, chat with people you might not chat with every day. We really encourage you to come; this is why the evening is heavily discounted as we want people to get together.

Elias Krzywacki turns 50! This is yet another reason to join this party! In the evening there will be a gift table for Elias available if you would like to...

If you want to perform a speech, or just perform… or if you would like to add anything particular to make this evening memorable, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Maybe you have some special skills to demonstrate. There will be a stage… We would love your input and contribution. Remember, we do this for us together in the Bujinkan!