13-15 December in Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to 600 sqm of training space (there ARE more than 145 participants registered) and 200 sqm tatami



Here is a list on frequently asked questions for your support.


Where do I register for the Nordic Buyukai whe I arrive?

On Friday, Please go up one (1) floor from the hotel lobby and you will find us.

On Saturday, Enter at our own entrence to the right of the main hotel entrence (if you didn't register on Friday and don't stay at the hotel)

Upon registration you will get a bag with various things :-)

Is there a dresscode for the evening 14th of December?

Yes! Or... we recommend at least Smart Casual to our cosy dinner.

What training equipment should I bring?

Please don't bring any long weapons to this event. But feel free to bring bokken, tanto and such smaller equipment.

How do I find the training area on arrival?

Friday, see the map or use your smartphone to find Brunkebergstorg 5.

Saturday and Sunday we have our own entrance for our event next to the main entrence where you will se signs telling you that you found it. For those that stay in the hotel, please don't go to the groundfloor (lobby) and go throught the bar/restaurant, exit the elevator on 1st floor and walk through the conference area and then 1 floor down and you will access the training area directly.

Is lunch included in the price?

No, there is several restaurants close to the hotel and a list will be provided at registration in the hotel.

Can I bring my own drinks?

No, you can only purhcase what you want to drink at the hotel. Water will be provided during training and ofcourse you can bring your own waterbottle.

Can I bring my own food?

No, you can only purhcase what you want to eat at the hotel. Own food can only be eaten outside the hotel premises.

I haven't booked a hotel room, is it possible to shower at the training area after training?

No, there is no showers available. If you wan't to freshen up a bit before dinner or quickly after training there is tiolets available just outside the training room.

I have food allergies, what do I need to do?

If you didn't tell us during registration, tell us now at once so we can inform the kitchen.

Can I hold a speach during dinner?

Yes you can, but let us know in advance so we can plan it with the kitchen.

I want to change my hotel booking, how do I do?

Contact the hotel directly.

How can I access the SPA at the hotel?

Contact the hotel directly. Please be aware that the SPA is normally fully booked on weekends so be sure to be on time. And note that SPA access, if available, is charged additional to the room fee.

Is there parking close to the hotel?

Yes, even in garage under the hotel. But know that parking in Stockholm is expensive.

How do I recognize the Nordic Buyukai Crew if there is anything?

Find a person with a red event t-shirt.