13-15 December in Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to 600 sqm of training space (there ARE more than 100 participants registered) and 200 sqm tatami




2019-04-25 Musician and DJ booked for the party.

2019-05-10 Started layout ideas on event t-shirt.

2019-06-25 We have 33 registered participants until now.

2019-06-27 Secret teacher from Norway confirmed.

2019-06-30 Promotion price 1 300 SEK expired and we have 72 registered participants until now from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Poland, Latvia, Germany and Croatia.

2019-07-01 Secret teacher X from Sweden confirmed.

2019-07-01 General content update on the website (additional info about companions to dinner, new price 1 700 SEK valid from today, and additional information about hotel.

2019-07-02 Secret teacher X from Denmark confirmed.

2019-07-03 Secret teacher X from Finland confirmed.

2019-07-06 Content update on the website (information about price of 500 SEK to be payed in advance if you would like to bring your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband to the dinner party).

2019-08-11 Program update on the website (teachers and detailed time slots).

2019-08-31 Content update on accomodation regearding there you will not automatically be paired up with someone when you book hotel room.

2019-09-02 We have 104 registered participants until now from 13 countires.

2019-09-06 Meeting with Clarion Hotel Sign to discuss event details.

2019-09-11 More enterteinment booked for the party.

2019-09-15 Moved theme info to program page, created new page with short presentation of the teachers as everyone might not know them (at least here is some back ground).

2019-10-01 We have now 125 participants from 14 countries! wow! Removed the discounted prices as the price is from now on 2 000 SEK for the event. Clarified that Hotel rooms must be booked before November 13th to get the discounted price on hotel. After this date there is no room guarantee. Updated the program with address to Friday training (Brunkebergs torg 5 - 12 minutes walk from the hotel) and clarified that the address for the rest of the event (Saturday and Sunday) is Östra Järvägsgatan 33-35.