13-15 December in Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to 600 sqm of training space (there ARE more than 145 participants registered) and 200 sqm tatami




Friday 13th December

(Please note that the training address on Friday is: Brunkebergstorg 5, about 12 min walk from hotel)

12:00-17:00 Registration at hotel (2nd floor from lobby)

15:00-          Check in at hotel opens

16:00-          Doors open at Brunkebergstorg 5

17:00-17:50 Secret teacher from Norway

18:00-18:50 Secret teacher from Sweden

19:00-19:50 Secret teacher from Denmark

20:00-20:50 Secret teacher from Finland


Saturday 14th December

07:30-08:50 Registration at hotel (2nd floor from lobby)

09:00-10:00 Sveneric Bogsäter

10:15-11:00 Lauri Jokinen

11:15-12:00 Rikard Sundelius

12:00-13:15 Lunch

13:15-14:00 Elias Krzywacki

14:15-15:00 Michael Schjerling

15:15-16:30 Sveneric Bogsäter

16:30-17:30 Prove your Ninja skills

17:30-18:30 Free time/check in/party prep

18:30-19:00 Welcome drink and live music on stage

19:00-00:00 Dinner/party with private par + more

00:00-01:00 Hotel bar is open


Sunday 15th December

10:00-10:30 Sveneric, Lauri, Rikard (3 dojos)

10:45-11:15 Sveneric, Lauri, Rikard (3 dojos)

11:30-12:00 Sveneric, Lauri, Rikard (3 dojos)

12:00-13:15 Lunch

13:15-13:45 Elias, Michael (2 dojos)

14:00-14:30 Elias, Michael (2 dojos)


About the theme "bad to the bone"


From the


In this context, Thorogood is using bad in a literal sense of “wicked” or “immoral,” but he is also playing on the word’s inverted slang sense of “excellent.” Green’s Dictionary of Slang traces this sense to the 19th century, noting that it implies something “bad in establishment eyes and thus good in those of any outlaw/criminal, drug or other minority culture.” Bo Diddley (who appeared in the “Bad to the Bone” music video) released a song “I’m Bad” in the 1950s, using bad in the same sense.

To have any characteristic to the bone means to be thoroughly infused with it, an idiom dating back at least to the 1400s and persisting in the English language ever since. An 1817 history of the British Parliament, for example, reported an argument that French immigrants were “French to the bone, in connexion as well as principle.”

If ”to the bone” means to be thoroughly infused with it and the word bad inverted slang sense is ”excellent”, maybe this is what we all need to become in order to understand/use/play with Muto dori?

Become bad to the bone!

Or when you participate at the Nordic Buyukai, do it for real and do it well.

Be bad to the bone!



About the "Prove your Ninja skills" Saturday 16:30-17:30

We have som many participants that we made this into a battle between countries.

So... each country have to choose two (2) combatants that will represent that country. Those two will show their skills in 5 stations (Yari, Shuriken, Rope, Blow gun and Small Viking axe). The winning country will be announced during dinner.

Please make sure to have your combatants ready before 16:30, cause then the game begins.

Prepare youselves well, there is a fantastic price at stake!