13-15 December in Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to 600 sqm of training space (there ARE more than 145 participants registered) and 200 sqm tatami



Please use this form to register for the Nordic Buyukai 2019.

Let us know what options you choose according the information under "Event" and make the payment. Don't forget to mark the payment wiht the same name as in the information provided in this form. Please let us know under message/additional information if you wish to bring your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband to the dinner. If you register company to dinner please add 500 SEK (actual self cost) to the payment.

If you want to have the Nordic Buyukai t-shirt, please make sure to bring 200 SEK to the event.

If you have questions about your payments, contact:

All information will be solely used for this event, it will not be distributed to third person (except Clarion Hotel Sign to confirm the right to use our discounted prices at the hotel) and it will be deleted after the event.

Training and dinner (please state the amount payed and what date it's made)  
Only training  
I will bring company to the dinner and pay additional 500 SEK.  
I have allergies (please inform us so we can inform the kitchen)  
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